Our Story

We are here to make you succeed


“We are much more than a trading school, we are a community of traders empowered to make money and be financially independent”

Iotaf Team

Who We Are

IOTAF is an elite trading school based in Montreal that fosters student success with one-on-one mentoring and top-of-the-line facilities, technology, and educators.

Students acquire real-world experience as they train side-by-side with a team of successful professional traders and researchers on a trading floor equipped with multi-screen stadiums, the fastest connections, and premier news services.

IOTAF offers training programs for individuals and corporations that are tailored to each student’s level of experience and learning style. With class sizes limited to eight people, students receive the personal attention they need to succeed in the highly competitive world of trading. In addition, students become a part of the IOTAF alumni community with ongoing mentoring, even after graduation.

Our Core

Masters in Trading Program

This three-month course designed for young professionals looking to take control of their careers and embrace the trading lifestyle. The program covers how to trade all markets (stocks, bonds, forex, commodities) and their related futures instruments in three trading time frames: day trading, swing trading and long-term trading.The course is equally divided between classroom theory and real-time trading and mentoring on the trading floor.

Financial Markets and Internship Program:

This one-month course is designed for students and recent graduates seeking a competitive edge in the finance industry. The program offers the type of real-world experience demanded by tier-one banks and top financial firms.
The program is divided into four sections; each section focuses on long-term trading strategies with consideration of the big-picture of how economists, analysts and market strategists interpret macro events and technical indicators.