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Agora on Android
As promised in our previous article, after the iPhone app, AGORA, our in-house developed learning platform is now available to download for Android phones too. So far the feedback we got from our community is great, they love the apps, but we won’t stop here, the development of AGORA continues, we will keep improving it.
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AGORA iPhone App
We are very excited to unveil the AGORA iPhone app, available now in the App Store for our students and alumni. A little bit of background about the AGORA teaching platform. Initially developed as a web platform for headlines, real-time market data and audio squawk, we realized the immense potential of adding live broadcasting and recordings of our classes and strategy sessions. This way students and former students can always...
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IOTAF students teachers and traders
We would like to notify you that starting May 1, 2020, the price of our Masters in Trading (MIT) program will increase to $8,500 plus taxes (currently $7,500 plus taxes). This increase is introduced to reflect the longer duration of the in-class part of the program from three months to four months. Aside from longer class times to cover all the material properly, the rest remains the same: unlimited free...
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With the start of 2020, we are looking back at our best trades of the past decade. 10. Going long Spanish government bonds as the European debt crisis got resolved View this post on Instagram TOP IOTAF TRADES OF THE DECADE: Number 10: going long Spanish government bonds as the European debt crisis got resolved. It was the beginning of the decade and European peripheral debt markets, specially in countries...
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Just like in many other fields, when it comes to the financial industry, graduates with a finance degree or an MBA are a dime a dozen. If you are one of them, this does not imply that you will be unemployed, but your dream job might be less attainable then you might imagine and don’t be surprised when applying for a job at a bank you might see someone else...
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