Introducing the Financial Markets Certificate

financial market professionals analyzing charts

The Institute of Trading and Finance, as you already know, is an elite trading school that fosters student success through intensive three-month formations, one-on-one mentorships, and access to top-of-the-line facilities, technology, and a community of 300+ students. Over the last few years, we’ve been able to transform the average person, some with no financial market knowledge, into not only market experts, but also profitable traders. However, before ever teaching our students on executing quality buy or sell orders, we make sure that their understanding of financial markets is up to par with that of a professional.

Recently, we’ve decided that it’s time to expand our online community and most importantly, our in-classroom education. IOTAF is now making it accessible for new students around the world to learn proper market theory and analysis at your own pace and time. In other words, with just a simple wifi connection, it is possible to obtain IOTAF’s all-new Financial Markets Certificate (FMC).

This course will take you through the very pertinent components of what moves markets and we will teach why 95% of ‘market gurus’ and traders lose their capital. In comparison, it’s like playing a sport you don’t know the rules to, but you still get angry every time for not winning. In this particular case, let us teach you the rules, even if you might think you know them, and let us show you how to bend these rules in your favour. Sound fair enough?

In addition, not only does the FMC course make you knowledgeable on the way markets work, but you receive a recognizable diploma once you complete the final exam. Our school has the pleasure of teaching traders and financial analysts every year from major financial institutions. Regardless of your current occupation and age, this certificate is for those aspiring for a career in finance, a career change, or those who simply desire to understand markets and the decision making of their financial advisors.

Our head traders and mentors are professionals and have been successfully trading for decades. IOTAF is an institution built purely off of passion. We live, breathe, and eat markets, yet allow ourselves to make time to enjoy our lives, as we reap the benefits of our hard work and dedication. If you wish to learn more about how you can get involved and join our community, we invite you to check out the website in the link found below. Looking forward to seeing you join our community of certified market professionals.