Institutional Sales Trading

Institutional Sales Trading

1-day workshop on procedures and strategies to produce trading alpha for clients

Friday, August 16, 2019 from 9 am to 5 pm
48 Rue Le Royer West, Montreal, H2Y 1 W7

About your expert trainer

Dr Michael Mollemans is a leading trading strategy trainer and has been a guest speaker at over 30 trading technology conferences over the past ten years, including TradeTech Europe and Equities Leaders’ Summit U.S.A. He has about 25 years’ experience in equity trading and research. Recently he wrote an article for Global Trading Journal, including “Best Execution and the “Electronification” of High Touch Trading”, “High Touch Algos”, and “The Road Ahead in Transition Management”.

Michael was Head of Global Market Structure & Analytics and Head of Sales Trading, Asia Pacific for Pavilion Global Markets. Previously he was Head of Advanced Execution Services for Credit Suisse Securities in Tokyo, and Head of Electronic Trading Sales at Daiwa Capital Markets in New York.

He started his career as a research analyst in the investment banking division at the Development Bank of Singapore in Singapore and Bangkok. He has a PhD in Econometrics from Macquarie University and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Chartered Market Technician (CMT) certifications.


Types of sales traders

  • Algorithmic sales traders
  • Portfolio Sales traders
  • High touch sales traders
  • Outsourced trading desks

Taking orders, exposing orders, and strategy selection 

  • Automated and manual processes
  • Alerts and warnings
  • Initial strategy selection
  • Aggressive vs Passive
  • A.I. and machine learning

How to lower equity trading costs 

  • Three main costs of trading: Commissions, market impact, and opportunity cost
  • Optimize the desired trade-off between market impact and opportunity cost
  • TCA performance attribution and risk management

Liquidity aggregation

  • Go dark or go lit
  • Block cross sourcing – indications of interest
  • Liquidity venues
  • Broker venue preferencing 
  • Small-cap vs large-cap trading

Understanding algorithms 

  • Algorithm choices for different levels of urgency 
  • What algos work better when market volatility is high/low? 
  • Multiple benchmark optimization

Pre-/Post-trade analytics, venue analysis, and trend analytics 

  • Benchmarks – quantitative and qualitative  
  • MiFID II RTS 28 Best Execution Policy reporting 
  • Technical analysis – intraday volume curves
  • Block cross TCA

Future trends in sales trading

  • Electronification of high touch sales trading
  • Partnerships with desks and clients – “high touch algos”
  • Big data and A.I. use on the rise in trading
  • Execution consultancy


For the general public:
$1950 + taxes

CFA, CPA, Broker, Student special 50% off
$975 + taxes

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