Launching the AGORA iPhone App

AGORA iPhone App

We are very excited to unveil the AGORA iPhone app, available now in the App Store for our students and alumni. A little bit of background about the AGORA teaching platform. Initially developed as a web platform for headlines, real-time market data and audio squawk, we realized the immense potential of adding live broadcasting and recordings of our classes and strategy sessions. This way students and former students can always tune in live or refresh a past class.

Now, with this brand new iPhone app, members of our community can access this wealth of content from anywhere, commuting, traveling or at the beach, they can have AGORA with them everywhere.

In the coming days, we will launch the Android version too and after that, we will continue to develop and add new features to the AGORA teaching platform and its apps.

One more proof that we are dedicated to offering the highest level of education to our students. We are committed to doing everything it takes to see them succeed as traders.