Master in Trading Express

Master in Trading Express

The next MIT Express will start on June 17, 2019.

Click here to register for the MIT Express starting on June 17, 2019.

Course Description

The Master in Trading (MIT) Express is an intensive two-week boot camp — Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 9 pm — specially tailored for students with limited time. The MIT Express covers the entire material thought in the MIT program including hands-on trading sessions every day — the first week will be simulated tradings to get familiar with the trading platform, the second week supervised live trading to apply proper risk management and trading psychology learned in class.

In this unique mentorship program, you will learn everything you need to know to successfully trade futures, forex, stocks and options in three time-frames: day trading, swing trading, and long-term trading.

It is taught live (i.e. not online) at our classroom and professional trading floor in the Old Port of Montreal by industry experts – we trade the strategies we teach.

For students travelling from outside Montreal, we can also offer accommodation at our partner hotel situated in Montreal’s artistic and cultural hub (subject to availability).

A day in the life of an MIT Express student

  • 7:30 am – Arrive at IOTAF, prepare for the day by reading the latest research reports
  • 8 am to 11 am – Trade in a simulated environment during the first week and live during the second week
  • 11 am to 12 pm – Lunch break
  • 12 pm to 3 pm – Class
  • 5 pm to 6 pm – Break
  • 6 pm to 9 pm – Class

The MIT Express also includes

Lifetime Community Membership — Join the biggest trader community in the world (200+ traders)

When we ask our students what they find so valuable about our courses, one of the first things they say is the community. At IOTAF we foster a highly collaborative and tight-knit community of traders that communicate on a regular basis through our online channels. The learning doesn’t stop when you leave the IOTAF classroom.

Free Access for a limited time to the Agora Information system

Getting ahead of the news is the most important factor when trading the markets. Political developments, new government regulations, critical technical levels – these can all impact the price in a major way, and being among the first to find out can give you a huge advantage. We have designed a state of the art platform monitors the internet and scrapes all the most relevant information to present it as easy to read headlines and alerts.

Live Streams and Historical Recording of all classes

Every single class we do is recorded and live streamed. This way it does not matter if you are not able to attend a specific class you can watch the class on your mobile, at your home or watch the course at a later time.

Access to Top Research News Feeds & Technology

Our trading floor is equipped with multi-screen stadiums, the fastest connections, and premier news and squawk services so that you can trade as effectively as possible.

Ongoing Personal Mentoring

Our instructors, who are successful professional traders, make themselves readily available to spend one-on-one time with you on the trading floor and can always answer your questions via online communications (even after you graduate!).

Experience on a Live Trading Floor

What better way to learn than to shadow and/or trade alongside a team of highly experienced professional traders and financial analysts? We encourage our students to watch and ask questions while we work so that you can learn from our experience.

Free access to boot camps

As an MIT Express alumni, you can participate in our two-day boot camps that we organize on a regular basis on several topics (fx, futures, stocks, cryptocurrencies).


$6,500 CAD + taxes just the course

$7,500 CAD + taxes the course with accommodation at our partner hotel (subject to availability)

We accept cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. 

NEW: It is possible to finance the MIT fees with Visa Accord D. You can choose between 6, 12, 24, 36 or 48 equal instalments.

MIT Express calendar for 2019*

MIT Express February – Ended

MIT Express June – Ended

MIT Express August – Underway

MIT Express October – October 14 to October 25

* Please note that these dates may be subject to change without prior notice.

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