The IOTAF promise

To all our students and alumni: we will not rest until you have succeeded and become a profitable trader. We will continue to provide you with the education you need as well as the coaching and resources that are required to be successful in this game. 

You can come to our offices forever and retake whatever programs we offer as many times as you want for free. 

You can show up on our trading floors whenever and for as long as you need to and utilize our resources. 

You can ask for as much coaching as you need until you are consistent and profitable and we will make ourselves available to you. We will never give up on you and we will ensure we do our best to help you succeed. If you don’t succeed we fail. That’s it.

And to those who are not students of IOTAF, our promise to you is very simple: we will make sure we are smarter than you, more knowledgeable than you, more patient than you, more disciplined than you, more prepared than you, have more resources than you, have a stronger community than you and our risk management will be a hundred times more bullet-proof than yours! In other words, this is a zero-sum game. And our promise is to be on the profitable side of that game. BRING IT ON. IOTAF the smart traders against the 99% of traders throwing darts at the board!