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Course Description

The Master in Trading (MIT) Online is a six-month-long elite trading education program, designed for people who can’t attend our in-class MIT program. You can learn from the comfort of your home or on the go, at your own pace using our proprietary AGORA teaching platform*

It gives you access to live videos as well as an extended library of trading education videos, such as all our MIT class recordings, all our strategy sessions and technical analysis videos. 

With the MIT Online, you will enjoy the same benefits as a regular MIT student without having to come to Montreal. 

The MIT is a unique mentorship program in which you will learn everything you need to know to successfully trade futures, forex, stocks and options in three time-frames: day trading, swing trading, and long-term trading.

If you have the commitment to learn to trade at a professional level, then we would like to hear from you.

It Also Includes

Lifetime Community Membership

When we ask our students what they find so valuable about our courses, one of the first things they say is the community. At IOTAF we foster a highly collaborative and tight-knit community of traders that communicate on a regular basis through our online channels. 

Free Access For A Limited Time To The Agora Teaching Platform

Getting ahead of the news is the most important factor when trading the markets. Political developments, new government regulations, critical technical levels – these can all impact the price in a major way, and being among the first to find out can give you a huge advantage. We have designed a state of the art platform monitors the internet and scrapes all the most relevant information to present it as easy to read headlines and alerts.

Live Streams And Historical Recording Of All Classes

Every single class we do is recorded and live-streamed. This way it does not matter if you are not able to attend a specific class you can watch the class on your mobile, at your home or watch the course at a later time. Our video archive, has hundreds of classes recorded.

Access To Proprietary Market Research

Through the AGORA platform you have access to research reports prepared before, during and after the trading day by our market research team.

Market Squawk

From Sunday to Friday, tune in to LiveSquawk’s 24-hour live coverage of global markets, business news, economic data & geopolitics using your AGORA platform.

Personal Mentoring

Our instructors, who are successful professional traders, make themselves readily available to spend one-on-one time with you on the trading floor and can always answer your questions via online communications.

Reduced Rates

All students who take our intensive boot camp programs and wish to join us for the Masters in Trading Program down the road will receive a reduced rate. While all students to join the Masters in Trading Program have the ability to take boot camp programs for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the in-class MIT and the MIT online?

Content-wise there is no difference between the two, the MIT Online has the same curriculum as the regular MIT and it also includes the same benefits. See above.

If I register for the MIT Online, can I come to classes?

Yes, you can join any of our classes that are given in Montreal, Miami or Monaco, just pay the difference in price.

* The MIT Online includes six months of access to the AGORA teaching platform. Following the six months, students can choose between a yearly or monthly plan to continue to access the platform.  

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  • “My experience at IOTAF has exceeded all my expectations. Regardless of my lack of economic or financial background, IOTAF has not only been able to give me a strong understanding of the fundamentals but also provided me with the tools to grasp a deeper and more insightful comprehension of markets as well. Everything learnt, in theory, is then reinforced and fortified by the real-life applications of this information to the current live markets, and you quickly develop your own analysis of markets and thus eventually leading to your own style of trading. I attribute the success of the IOTAF program to the truly unique and exceptional instructors here. They have a very professional yet personable and hands-on teaching approach. They happily share their expertise, knowledge and insights as professional traders, and they are deeply committed to the success of each and every one of their students. To me, IOTAF’s endless support, exceptional tools and expansive resources are truly unparalleled.”

    Vanessa N.
  • “Before taking the IOTAF Master in Trading Course, I thought I knew a lot about trading, but I had the knowledge of a retail trader only. At IOTAF, they gave me professional level knowledge. No indicator or any strategy you’ll find on YouTube will ever beat the best tool you have in your toolbox; that is yourself. Now that I know how the real money trades the various financial markets around the globe, I can finally be part of it. I’ve even been hired by prop firm Ocram Capital as a trader.”

    Jeremy M-B.
  • Life-changing course (MIT program). You are taught everything you need to know to trade like a professional. I spent about a year trying to learn from various online courses and video tutorials but they will not teach you what you learn at IOTAF. Not only are you taught the proper technical and fundamental knowledge but also the proper risk management skills that will turn you from a fish into a shark.

    They also have a ton of awesome resources available for students and traders alike. Their best resource though is the teaching staff – they are all expert traders that have been profitable in the business for years (decades for some). They are all ready and willing to mentor you so that you can become the trader you want to be.

    Highly recommended.

    Eric M.
  • Before signing up, I went to one of their open houses to learn more about the Master in Trading MIT program. Off the bat, I was impressed by the broad knowledge of the teachers about markets and how they work, but what really got me hooked was the idea of a lifetime membership in a trading community, where I can get help whenever I need it. Becoming a trader is a long process and having access to experienced mentors is reassuring. It’s been almost a year that I graduated from MIT, but thanks to the IOTAF community, I did not cease to learn new things that helped me develop my own personal approach to trading.

    Adam S.