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Master in Trading Program – Montreal – MIT

This MIT Program covers all the foundations of successful trading practice, including technical and chart analysis, applied marcofundamentals, and risk management. The course focuses on tick order flow, market profile and high probability trade set-ups, complemented by coaching on...

Financial Markets Internship – FMI

This 2 month program offers students more than a foot in the door into a lucrative career in finance. Students work directly with professional traders and research analysts in understanding how financial markets really work as they develop research...

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Here’s what our students and alumni say


N. Fragassi

Forex Bootcamp Graduate 2016
IOTAF FX Bootcamp was a great overview and introduction to forex trading. Prior to this course I’ve been trading on my own for 4 months, but didn’t really seem to grasp the concepts behind my trades. This course really helped me understand  both the fundamentals and technicals behind forex trading. I really appreciated the patience of the teacher during our bootcamp. He used specific, and recent examples that helped me understand what was going in the market. This bootcamp brings a structured approached to learning about forex and not just random topics thrown at you. The best aspect of the training is certainly the follow up meetings and coaching afterwards. The teacher helps you stay focused on a trading plan and is always there to answer your questions when needed. This is very much appreciated for us novice traders! I also would like to say thank you for adding us on “Slack” app. This forum has been really good for us and keeps us part of the shared pool of knowledge of other more experienced traders!

Angelo S

Masters In Trading Graduate 2016
Where do I begin? IOTAF is a blessing! Since taking the Masters in Trading Program, it has taken my trading to a whole other level. With the comprehensive learning available, I was able to build a strong knowledge of the fundamentals and further my technical skills. For the first time ever I am consistent, all thanks to Adam and Marco. If you’re serious about becoming a professional trader or just want to learn something new, this program is definitely the right thing to take!

B. M. Iglesias

Forex Bootcamp Graduate 2016
The class was beyond my expectations, to be honest. I had a lot of questions before meeting you; however, most of the them were answered masterly and at the same time it aroused some other (questions). It is now my turn to put into practice the information that I got and begin my journey in the fascinating world of trading. I am shifting the course of my life here, and I am more than confident that it was the smartest decision ever.   Thank you once again.


Financial Markets Internship Graduate 2016
“The FMI program is literally the best complementary course for those who were taught in university. It brings the theories we learnt in finance and economics to the real world. We also got chances here at IOTAF to expereince the real trading floor with professional traders and participate in research desk work. Thanks IOTAF for the knowledge and experience.”

Yanick G.

Financial Markets Internship and Masters In Trading Graduate 2014/2015
Financial Markets Internship and Masters In Trading Graduate 2014/2015 “I’m a second year finance student at McGill University that enrolled in the FMI and MIT courses. University is great to learn the very basics about the financial markets, but IOTAF gave me the knowledge I truly needed to succeed in such markets. I now better understand how the financial markets work and was able to build my own views and opinions on them. I can say that I now view the world in a different light and understand how news impacts the global markets as a whole. You understand how the markets work and why they work the way they do. Furthermore, you learn how to profit from them. I’ve been working with IOTAF for over a year now and they have had a very positive impact on the individual I am becoming. They have helped better myself in my personal life and in my professional life. The teachers truly care about your success and will do everything in their power to make sure you succeed.  When you take the program, you become a member of the IOTAF family for life. We go out together, we work out together, we trade together and we strive to better ourselves together. I’m extremely grateful to the team of IOTAF and Ocram Capital for helping me succeed and gain the knowledge I have acquired for life.”

N. Rochan

Forex Bootcamp Graduate 2016
The bootcamp was great. It was very well structured and interesting throughout. Chien was very knowledgeable and answered questions with great explanations, examples and confidence. Overall, the bootcamp is short and sweet. It is very enjoyable, gives you great resources and puts you on the road to FX success, whether you walk it or not is up to you. Looking forward to next step.

Jeremy M-B.

Masters In Trading Graduate 2014
“Before taking the IOTAF Master in Trading Course, I thought I knew a lot about trading, but I had the knowledge of a retail trader only. At IOTAF, they gave me professional level knowledge. No indicator or any strategy you’ll find on YouTube will ever beat the best tool you have in your toolbox; that is yourself. Now that I know how the real money trades the various financial markets around the globe, I can finally be part of it. I’ve even been hired by prop firm Ocram Capital as a trader.”

Ting Huang

Financial Markets Internship 2016
“I enrolled in the FMI program in IOTAF and that is really one of the best decisions I made during my university life. The classes are well structured and interesting. Chien and Adam are excellent teachers and they are always there to help. I learned so much about the practical side of finance and trading which have definitely prepared me well for future study. The learning environment in IOTAF is very vibrant, and we got to work side by side of traders and learn about their strategies. Other than that, the weekly strategy session not only refreshes us with trading opportunities and ideas, but also equips us with the active thinking ability and practical experiences that are not taught at school. Overall, the FMI program at IOTAF has exceed my expectation and I appreciate my learning experience.”

Vanessa N.

Masters In Trading Graduate 2015
“My experience at IOTAF has exceeded all my expectations.  Regardless of my lack of economic or financial background, IOTAF has not only been able to give me a strong understanding of the fundamentals, but also provided me with the tools to grasp a deeper and more insightful comprehension of markets as well.  Everything learnt in theory is then reinforced and fortified by the real life applications of this information to the current live markets, and you quickly develop your own analysis of markets and thus eventually leading to your own style of trading.  I attribute the success of the IOTAF program to the truly unique and exceptional instructors here.  They have a very professional yet personable and hands-on teaching approach.  They happily share their expertise, knowledge and insights as professional traders, and they are deeply committed to the success of each and every one of their students.  To me, IOTAF’s endless support, exceptional tools and expansive resources are truly unparalleled.”

AJ Ong

Financial Markets Internship Graduate, 2016
“As a finance undergrad, I can say that the FMI program is unlike any university program that I have taken. In the time spent working with IOTAF and Ocram Capital I have learned so much about the different facets of the financial market and was given an opportunity to practice the different responsibilities on a live trading floor, from analyzing daily market movements to various quant projects, Central Bank analysis and real live trading! What made it even better is how passionate everyone is at what they’re doing. Everyone is willing to teach and learn from each other, making this the best environment to improve myself.”